FUGAZI -Bomb Factory - Dallas, TX. 1995

This was my first Fugazi show. I was a freshman in college. I saw Sonic Youth/Unwound/Polvo 2 nights before or after this at the same venue.

Can’t say how glad I was to see this then and see it again now.

Chicago, 2014-09-15.

Celebrating 4 years at the board for these fine folks. Still the best job.

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The Dead C - Harsh 70s Reality - Driver U.F.O.

I don’t know if you can even grasp what this record means to me.

This is my Hendrix rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

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Still my #1 for 2014.

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Not that there aren’t enough white assholes talking about music, but I think Matthew and I should start a podcast

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Half Hour Text Conversation with my boyfriend, Matthew Barnhart




Billy Idol is replaced by Patrick Stickles
Sinead O’Connor is replaced by Meredith Graves
Luther Campbell is replaced by Nicki Minaj
Steve & Eydie Gorme are replaced by Steve Albini and Kim Deal

all joined by your host


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The incredible Chris Brokaw is available for guitar lessons

From CB, via F-book:

***Want to learn to play the guitar? Already play, but want to learn some new things? I am here to help. Currently taking new students for acoustic and/or electric guitar; fingerpicking, flat-picking, slide. Rock, folk, blues, punk ~ I can teach you new songs, chords, scales, and techniques to help make your playing more interesting and exciting for you. Taking students here in Seattle OR ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, VIA SKYPE. It works! Drop me a line if you’re interested. Thanks - CB ***

The man is a king. Go for it!


my fidel + che

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