Mixed Superchunk, Reigning Sound, and the Rock*A*Teens last night for Merge 25 so if I ever complain about anything ever you can punch me in the face.

lepoetemaudit said: Sowley, how do Larry Young fans make fun of the Doors? he's a fantastic organist, but it's still a damn Hammond. Cheesy as all get out. LUCKILY he had Elvin Jones and Grant Green for friends, so he literally could not do wrong. but still. The Doors should've hired Eddie Gale as a session guy for their last two albums (no, Sowley, the REAL last two). That way I wouldn't like nearly as "PSSSH LOOKIT DIS KID" as I am right now. You all would see what I mean. PS You're dapper as hell, don't deny it.


The Doors suck shit and you need to hear Love Cry Want. Ciao.

Any sentence that starts with “The Doors should’ve…” and doesn’t end with “jumped off a cliff” is just a bad sentence.

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Making it work.

37 and still sleeping on the studio floor. #careerinrock (at The Echo Lab)

I’m working on a new album for this band, which I’m liking a whole lot. Cherubs-level production values with a certain Bob Schick-i-ness vocal quality.

Listen/purchase: Mission Bulb by Yes I’m Leaving

In the studio with Bludded Head today. (at Electrical Audio)

Primavera Sound, Barcelona, 31 May 2014.

Sowley and I met here for the first time 5 years ago.

Nîmes, 30 May 2014

Düdingen, 29 May 2014.